About Us


In a world filled with highly competitive basketball athletes, parents are looking for ways to give their kids that advantage edge to stand out in this great sport, whether it’s to make the school team, get more minutes of play time on their club teams, or even to play for their college team with a full-ride scholarship.  At KC Elite Basketball Training, we provide the best small group and individual training classes in Arizona.

This is not a club Team. This is not a Camp. This is not a League. KC Elite Basketball Training is where serious basketball players come to “TRAIN YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!”  We are passionate about helping your child reach their potential and become an elite basketball player!  Our specialized training focuses on the fundamentals of basketball that we guarantee will make your child a better athlete.

Many people believe playing in as many games as possible is how your kid gets to be a better basketball player which isn’t true!  Most kids are lucky to get 5 or 6 shots a game but with 1 full hour of dedicated training your kid can get up to 500 shots, and each one is taken with a trainer beside them, correcting form and helping them perfect their shot.  So, where do you learn to become a great shooter?  You get better by putting in hours of hard work, intense training, perfecting your shot, learning the footwork and fundamentals, practicing new moves and counter moves striving to become a big-time offensive threat! 

“If you train hard, you wont only be hard, but you will be hard to beat!” – Herschel Walker

“Hard work and Training. There is no secret formula.”    – Ronnie Coleman

“I hated every minute of training,” but I said “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!” – Muhammad Ali